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Course Completion

What is best practice for the conclusion of a course.  I have created content (quizes, pages, modules, assignments)  that I want to keep for next year first semester.  Do I create my own course and put the content there?  Do I do nothing and next year go to past courses and import the content from that?  Do I post to Commons?  Does it make any difference, what is the best practice?

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Community Team
Community Team

 @dmcclain ​, I don't have an immediate answer to your question. I know what it is that I do at the end of each semester (actually, I start the process in the last week of the concluding semester), but I can't speak to whether one might consider it a "best practice." Having said that, because your question is not designed to elicit a single response that can be marked "correct," I'm going to change the format of this post to a discussion that will encourage open-ended participation. I've also added some tags to your topic so that it is more readily visible in search results.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @dmcclain ​, I'm not sure if there is a specific right or best way to do this, but more of what works best for you and your work flow (given how your Institution handles things).

At our Institution we don't delete courses (ever), so Instructors don't really need to do anything and their course content will be there for whenever they want to copy it into a new course. Yet, that being said, if you have things you'd like to tweak and adjust it might not be a bad idea to copy your course over to a new blank course now and make the changes. Why? Because if you're anything like me you'll forget all the things you wanted to change/fix by next year. I also don't recommend making changes to your current class (even if it's ended and the students don't have access) because it takes away the integrity of the course in the case of a grade appeal or auditing of the course.

Hope this helps!