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Course Completion

Hello all. I need some advice on the best way to do something. 

We have a series of manual courses that are blueprinted to in a K-12 environment. These are NOT SIS courses, but created manually. Think about a course that is used as a differentiated remediation tool to accompany the F2F course. Here is the issue....

We want to reuse the course in keeping the same CourseId, sections, and the same IDs for assets such as quizzes, tests, and anything that goes in the gradebook. This makes our course data reporting simple. The ideal scenario is that we would be able to remove all users and then push updated content via blueprinting, then enroll students for the next term. 

It seems that a lot of the automated processes (conclude, reset) will assign a new Course ID and we will have to re-create sections. Sections really drive our entire process. The flipside, seems to be manually removing 100s of students and their observers. It is not a SIS course, so I don't think the solution in Settings>Reports>SIS Export will work. I do know that I can go delete students from sections by click the "X" which is faster than through People, but still slow.

Any ideas? 

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