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Our district provides course content for staff to use. But they load all the items for one week into one module. I need to move a day's worth of instructional items to a new module for students to access. Currently, I am having to click each item separately and move it to my newly created module. It is very time consuming and tedious. Is there a way to move more than one item at a time from one module to the next? Copying the entire module over and deleting the other days items is just the same as well...except I am deleting 4 days worth of stuff rather than copying over one days worth!

Please tell me there is a faster way! Is there a way to move more than one item at a time from one module to the next? 

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Hi @Kelly8706 ...

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to move multiple items from one module to another.  I found a related Feature Idea that you might be interesting in checking out called Selecting and Moving Multiple Items in Modules.  I would encourage you to add a comment to the bottom of it letting Instructure engineers know why this would be important to you.  You can also rate this Feature Idea.  How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community?

I know this might not be the answer you were hoping for, but I hope that it has helped to answer your question.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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Thank you! I found that board earlier and was hoping to find an answer! I posted there as well- hopefully they were be able to work on this!