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I am in the process of creating a general resource module to be used by members of my department in their Canvas courses for students. I wanted to include pages with general campus resources, Canvas resources, and resources specific to our department in the module. Does anyone have an examples that they have created of resource pages? I am compiling the resources now but was hoping to have some ideas to make the module clean and easy to follow with all of this information (looking for design mostly)! Thanks! 

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Community Champion

Community Champion

I'm guessing this is probably NOT what you have in mind, but I am sharing it as an example: my goal is to have a DYNAMIC page where new resources that I find will show up automatically, with the newest resources appearing on the page. I use this to share growth mindset materials with my students, along with other student success materials. Here's an example in my Canvas Growth Mindset (open course space; click and you can see):

Mindset Articles: Exploring Growth Mindset 

That is my Diigo Library of Growth Mindset materials. The way it works is that when I bookmark something with Diigo, it shows up AUTOMATICALLY in this list. The most recent 20 items are displayed (you could configure it to display a different number if you want), and there's also a link there on the page to the complete listing, which is:

My Growth Mindset Resources in Diigo

I've explained how I set up the Diigo-to-Canvas display:

My Favorite Features about Diigo and Canvas 

This system works great for me because I use Diigo already anyway, and I am adding new stuff all the time that I want to share with the students.

So, I thought I would throw that in as an option. Once you get used to using a dynamic tool like Diigo for bookmarking, it's hard to go back to using static link lists. 🙂


Hi  @weaver_852 ‌,

Awesome topic. I personally created both an 'Orientation Module' and an 'Orientation Course'. The awesome thing about creating it as a Canvas Course, was that I could communicate with all Active Users be it changes to Policy, Procedures, Processes or Events (e.g. networking events) happening at the institution itself. You could potentially use Account Groups to manage this process also. 

With regards to the Module, I developed (using Badgr) an assessable Module that needed to be completed before they could begin the course. Please see below:

Sample of an Orientation Module

Once they completed, the first module for their course would unlock and they would be awarded their orientation badge. It is opportunity to build in some student declarations also, if this is something your institution requires. 

I hope this gives you some ideas, happy to chat further and share some more examples if you're interested.

- Am