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I am approaching the end of my first semester using Canvas and cannot find a way to determine the final grades stats (number of A's, B's, etc), course average, median, range.   Short of downloading the entire grade book and designing my own Excel formulas, is there a function in Canvas for this?   I would settle for something like Assignment details item in each Gradebook assignment  column.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

The Canvas Community is pretty awesome and it’s been great seeing you get involved so quickly and with such great success! 🙂

I think the idea of an Openstax/Intro book with excel data analysis tools is pretty cool and would definitely get used quite a number of faculty looking to go OER with their stats course. I’ve only done stuff for myself in this regard so I’m not even sure what would need to be done to get started at this level. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I've never made something like an OER course before either, but it sounds fun!  I have a few ideas from thinking about how to use an OER instead of my current book, but who knows how it will go!

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Hi Craig,

I can't take credit for the attached Grade-Distribution Excel file as I don't recall where in the Canvas Community I first found it. I've tweaked it for our purposes, but you can do the same. It is a template you can use, or share with your faculty, if they wanted to know basic statistics on a grade column.

The grades currently listed in the spreadsheet are just an example.

  • Column A is a copied/pasted list of raw numerical scores.
  • The table spanning Columns C, D, and E report out the number of students receiving each letter grade. You can adjust the grade schema as needed. For example, if you click on cell D3 you will see the CountIf formula will display the number of students with a score greater than or equal to 90.
  • I also threw in the High, Low, and Average scores just so it's all on one sheet for our faculty. I'm sure you can add other statistics like range and standard deviation.

I haven't worked with Analysis Toolpak so I wanted to share what I had and what I knew worked pretty straight-forward.

Hope you find it useful!


Community Participant

Hi, Eric,

Thanks for the shout out! I'm thrilled your faculty are using the shell. We hope others will enjoy them, too. If you have an Excel tool that's accessible, we can embed that, too.