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Course inspiration

I would like to create a new music appreciation course. I am just bored with mine. Would anyone be willing to share their so I could get inspiration?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there,  @robert_fant  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  There are all kinds of great resources available to you here in the Community where you can get inspiration on how to make your course "shine".  One great resource is the Instructional Designers group here in the Community.  (If you aren't following this group yet, please click on the link that I've provided, and then you'll see two buttons in the top right corner to click on..."Follow" and "Actions" >> "Join group".)  There are all kinds of different resources in this group such as blogs and documents on how to create/design pages for your course.  One that comes to mind is: Home Sweet Homepages without Tables.  There are just too many to list here, but I would encourage you to check this group out!

Another place to get inspiration is Canvas Commons.  Do you have a "Commons" button on the left hand side global navigation of your Canvas environment?  Commons is a large repository of content (assignments, modules, pages, quizzes, discussions, files, entire courses) that Canvas users from all over the world have shared and allowed people to use in their own course(s).  Best of all, you can preview this content before importing it into your own course(s).

Finally, since this question might not have one "correct" answer, I am going to switch your posting from a "Question" (normally has one "correct" answer) to a "Discussion" (more open-ended and may not have one "correct" answer).  I hope this is okay with you.

I hope these resources will be of help to you, Robert.