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Course visibility = sub account ?

We have a lot of courses (100+) that should be shared among all the students in one sub account.


It is not a viable choice to set visibility = institution.


What we are looking for is course visibility = sub account.


Is there any way for us to achieve this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @lars_vemund_sol , as far as I'm aware the only way to do this is to either give them admin level access for that sub account (not recommended) or add them to all of the courses. 

Community Contributor

Tnx  @kona .

The admin approach is actually interesting. Creating a new admin role with very limited access is actually the best Idea so far..

But i agree: not recommended Smiley Happy

Community Contributor

If anyone finds this we went for a different approach while waiting for :

We went for Course visibility = institution. But did not put it in the public course index. We then created a page in a course that contained all the students in that sub-account with the links to all of the 100+ rooms. This give a limited access control, but it still does not put everything out there to everyone.

I would be happy to get feedback on this solution (pros/cons) to make sure we have not fallen into some traps Smiley Happy