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Crazy volume level problems when recording Screen Capture Video

I am having issues with mic levels when recording Screen Capture videos. 

I am using a PC, with Chrome browser. The mic is a USB Yeti Blue.

When recording Webcam Videos in Studio, the audio level is fine and I can adjust it with the gain controller on the mic if I want. So I know my mic is interfacing with Studio just fine.

But when I switch to record Screen Capture videos, the gain shoots way up and the audio is SO loud on playback. I am selecting the correct microphone in Settings. It even pics up the sound of clicking the touchpad mouse.

This happens even when I adjust the mic levels in the pop-up Settings menu within Studio (either manually or using the auto-set feature.) It happens whether or not I am using Computer Audio. 

I have restarted and updated my computer. 

I'm going crazy trying to record lectures with this problem. If anyone has insights or ideas, it would be much appreciated!


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Hi Eric,


I'm not certain this will answer your question, but there seem to be a few others with similar problems out on the net regarding USB Yeti Blue (like windows 10). Perhaps start here:


I hope this helps,


: )  Heather