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We made the mistake of making quizzes individually and not from Question Banks. Now we want to pull questions from our previous quizzes for our midterms. Is there a way to create a Question Bank from already created quizzes? (Some of the questions are in the unfiled question bank, but not all of them)

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Here is how we answered this question in the past:

The method used to get question banks created would be to create a quiz export where the quizzes reside, then import that newly created export .zip file back into the course. Choose the "QTI .zip file" when picking an import type.  This will most likely duplicate the quiz, but you can deleted the duplicated quiz and keep the question bank.  In addition, since there are quizzes that already exist within the course I would suggest selecting: "Overwrite assessment content with matching IDs".

I would also recommend testing this in either your test or beta environment or in a development course.

For information on How do I export Quiz content from my course? click on the link.

What is the Course Import Tool?

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