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Creating a tour

I have been asked to investigate the possibility of creating a tour for our instance. 

Has anyone been successful with creating one? Or is there something available that I am not aware of? 

I have seen that you can create these type products using Bootstrap , any advice and or wisdom from the community would be gratefully received! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @liam_gardner ‌...

We point our instructors and students to these two respective video tours of the Canvas interface.  They may be of help to you, too.

Canvas Instructor Tour 

Canvas Student Tour 

Community Champion

 @liam_gardner ‌, I wrote my own tour for my students: . What kind of tour are you looking for? Who is the audience?

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Thanks for your examples  @chofer ‌ and  @dhulsey ‌. 

We have considered using the canvas tutorials or creating our own welcome video for new students and or teachers. 

If its possible we were thinking of using a walk through example, such as that used when you log into Gmail for the first time. Either with a blackout of the background, or with a popup box pointing to various areas.

Examples of things we have seen are below. 



It would be great to hear if anyone has had some success with this style of tour being developed for Canvas, or even if it may be possible. 

I do not know if such a tour would be technically possible in a hosted instance of Canvas, but I am not  a programmer. Smiley Happy From a usability perspective, your example of GMail is a good one. These kind of tours work best for relatively simple interfaces, and, as I recall, the first time a user accesses the conversations inbox, there is already such a tour in place -- unless that has changed since I first used my Canvas account several years ago.

Good luck with whatever direction you decide to pursue, Liam!

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 @liam_gardner ‌,

Have you looked into Whatfix - Realtime Interactive Guides and Walkthroughs?  I haven't used it, but it claims to be able to integrate "seamlessly into all kinds of Learning Management Systems" with just a single line of code.  If you do look into it, I would be interested in your impressions.  They have a free trial, so you could probably test it out in your test environment first and see how well it works.

A similar product is Walkme. It is probably pretty pricey as it has a bunch of big name companies using it.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Since there doesn't seem to be a right/wrong answer to this question I'm going to go ahead and flip it to a discussion!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi All,

Just for general background we have experimented and had pretty good results with both Pendo and WalkMe in Canvas.

Thanks Jason! 

Sorry I completely missed this reply. 

I appreciate the suggestions. 

Thanks Scott, 

I will check them both out as we are still yet to put anything in play.