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Creating and using an assignment template

Is it possible to create an assignment template that I can use multiple times throughout the course?

I created an assignment in Canvas and then added it to the commons and marked it as a template.  Can I use this same assignment multiple times through out the course to create an assignment that repeats but provides different scores each time?

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Hi there, @ggreenwood ...

I'll be honest...I'm not really sure what the "Template" check-box is for.  I looked around the Commons Guides for more information on what that particular check-box means, but I can only find this: How do I edit the details of a resource in Commons... - Instructure Community (  Look under the heading "Select Content Type", and you'll see the option for the "Template", but it really doesn't have a great description of what it actually does.

With all that being said, I don't really know that sharing your page to Commons and marking it as a "Template" has much value...though I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time).  I guess the question is...what is the end goal of the template?  If you built pages using a template (let's call this the "parent"), would you ever update the template in the future and then want/need the "child" pages to update accordingly?

Another option would be to make a content page in your course labeled "template" in some way...then you could keep it hidden from students.  Then, you would just make copies of that page to use throughout your course.  However, if you wanted to update the "template" page, that wouldn't push out any updates to the "child" copies you made.

Let's keep brainstorming this so we can find a good solution for you.  Hope to hear back from you soon.

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Thanks for your reply.  I am not as interested in pages but more an assignment.  For example I want a daily check in assignment kind of like an exit slip students fill out each day.  I just don't want to have to type the same thing in, that many times and set all of the settings each time if I don't have to.  I would then go in and change the name of each assignment to include the class day and change the due date etc.  If I can't do something like this I will just create each assignment separately.  I don't want to use it as a template if it's going to mess things up and take more time to fix.  Make sense?   I will probably just create each assignment separately until I know more.  

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@ggreenwood ...

How about creating an assignment in your course with all the text and settings that you want...and then making duplicates of it...making any of those minor modifications that you need along the way?  That would be quicker than creating individual assignments and configuring the settings for each one.

How do I duplicate an assignment? - Instructure Community (

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Click Assignments > Assignment Templates. The Assignment Templates Manager opens.
In the Assignment Templates Manager, create a new assignment template in one of two ways: ...
Edit the Template Name and Template Description. ...
Edit the template settings. ...
Click Save.

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@AdolphusGreenho ...

The steps you've provided don't sound familiar to me in Canvas.  Can you please describe where you are within Canvas?  I'm not familiar with an "Assignment Templates Manager" screen in Canvas...which make me think you are using something else other than Canvas.  Looking forward to hearing back from you on this.  Thanks.

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