Creating groups that group together sections in a course

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I have many sections (15) in my course. I'd like to create groups that would be comprised of the different sections. So, one group would have sections 1-3, group two would have sections 4-6, and so on. I don't want to select individual students to put into the group because students may add or drop the class after I create the groups and then they would be lost. Is it possible to make a group comprised of sections of the course? If so, how?


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@rinzel Although there is probably some fancy code to do this, I am unaware of a way to create groups that does involve the individual user.  You can create groups that include people from multiple sections but I have never seen anything where you can say...anyone is section 2, regardless of when they enroll, automatically put them in Group 1, etc...

This is really not what you asked but there is a trick to create groups that match the sections by have Canvas automatically create the same number of groups (15 in your case) as you have sections and then checking the box that students need to be in the same section.  This of course would not update as people got added to the course, but if they got removed from the course, they would get removed from the group too.


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