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Creating outcomes that track the same outcomes for all courses and additional individual program competencies per program courses

We are new to Canvas and we are looking to launch outcomes but want to make sure we set it up correctly the first time.  Any thoughts on the best way to create outcomes that track the same 3 outcomes for all courses and additional individual program competencies per program courses?  Also, for the 3 university outcomes, can you adjust the varying mastery and calculation methods per program?

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Hi  @ssungerank ‌ and welcome to the Canvas family!

Yes, you are thinking about this correctly. Create your account level and program (or subaccount) level outcomes and pull them into courses within the hierarchy.

In the image below,

- the institutional outcomes (red circle) are set up at the root account and then pulled into the various program subaccounts, then pulled further into individual sub-subaccounts and courses

- the program outcomes (blue, orange and yellow circles) are created at their respective subaccount levels and pulled down further into sub-subaccounts and courses. 

- courses can use institutional and program level outcomes as needed.

Outcomes hierarchy

Re adjusting calculation methods: Any edit to an outcome will affect student scores if they have already been assessed using that outcome. If programs use common outcomes with slight variations, consider a naming convention that reflects the usage, e.g a common learning outcome (CLO) for all programs with variations within program (Math, English, Chemistry, etc) perhaps used a convention such as CLO 1.0 MAT, CLO 1.0 ENG, CLO 1.0 CHEM; CLO 1.1 MAT, CLO 1.1 ENG, CLO 1.1 CHEM; CLO 2.0 MAT, CLO 2.0 ENG, CLO 2.0 CHEM; etc. Then, when reporting data, you can map via that naming convention to look at the CLO across all or separately and know that the calc methods may have been different.

Because Outcomes can be imported via CSV file, it's not terribly difficult to create the versions and manage them in bulk then tweak the calculations as needed within each program/subaccount. 

Hope this helps a a little. :smileylaugh: