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Criterion for multple attemps on quizzes?

I am creating a quiz that my students are required to obtain 80% or higher. They have 10 attempts to succeed in this task. Other education platforms have allowed me to set a criterion that once they receive an 80-100%, they can no longer take the quiz again. Is this same criterion possible in Canvas? I see the multiple attempts and keeping the highest grade, but I don't see a way to limit the students that once they receive 80%, they are done.

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Hey Whitney, there is technically not a way to do this natively, but that doesn't mean something similar can't be done Smiley Happy If you set up a quiz where students get one attempt, you can moderate the quiz and see all attempts + scores. This way, you can quickly go through and add an attempt to all the students that scored less than 80. 

In other words, you can give each student one chance. If they score above 80, that is it. If they score below, you can Moderate and in a matter of seconds, give everyone with that low score another attempt. It's not quite what you're asking for, but it's the best alternative I can find in Canvas. 

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