Cross-List Courses - keeping individual sections available

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This question is a long-shot, but one that needs to be asked so thank you for bearing with me.

We know cross-listing moves enrollments from the child section into the parent section. We prefer our instructors cross-list within Canvas instead of beforehand in Banner. However, we are having to revisit a scenario we used to use with our old LMS.

That scenario entailed creating a main parent site comprised of several children sites, yet keeping the children sites available for continued use. My question - has anyone devised a process to make this happen other than manually processing enrollments in a custom parent site - one that is not tied to children sites?

Understandably, I know keeping the children sites available for continued use is not recommended and you probably are asking why we'd want to do this. We just had to ask the question to the wider community in seeking alternate solutions.

Many thanks!

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Hi @rsasso 

As intriguing as it sounds, there is no way to keep the children sites open. This would be an awesome option that would provide a solution for a task many admins must now perform manually. For example, I was admin for a tech college and we had to routinely create a program-wide course for disseminating program information to all program students regardless of which courses they were in. Accomplishing this manually is tedious.

Have you considered creating a new Idea Conversation in this community for this?

Good luck,


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I don't know of a way to do this, unfortunately.  Without knowing what function the child courses served you, I'm not sure what solutions to offer. But I will suggest you look into using the sections to assign content and assignments. You might be able to accomplish a similar outcome. 

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