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I am entering a virtual teaching role for my entire elementary school this fall. Our administration's thoughts were to have virtual students being able to have access to homeroom teachers so they can receive grade specific instruction via zoom, grade level modules, etc. 

My school has created a different course for each grade level (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc). I'm curious to learn more about @cross listing. 

If I have a virtual learning section within each grade level course and cross link those sections into one big virtual learning course, will students still be able to interact with each other? Can I set up a homepage, post announcements, host zoom calls within my virtual learning course that is linking all my sections from other courses? Will students be able to submit work to MY virtual learning course? I read somewhere that all grades and assignments don't transfer over from course to course...? But do they have the option to submit it directly to me, and for me to use the speed grader? 

All our grade levels are expected to have their content online within canvas, on the off-chance any student must quarantine due to covid. I'd like students to still have access to grade level modules, curriculum, materials etc, through grade level courses, but still have an interactive space that is specific for virtual students only. 


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