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I have a faculty who is using Quizzes for an exam that only has open-ended questions (5 Qs). I want to make sure they are prepared for any technical issues that may arise. The key one I'm trying to find out is how often, if at all, does Canvas auto save work while a student is taking a quiz?

I've worked in other LMSs that saved each time you went to a new page, or every 5 minutes, whichever came first. This is especially important with students typing long answers. You don't want a power outage, internet issue, or other event that kicks them out of the system to cause them to lose a lot of work. 

I searched, but wasn't able to find an answer to my question. 

Does anyone know how, or if, quizzes is auto saving in the background?


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Hi Sarah,

With the New Quizzes we have been using for staff and student digital upskilling we've found that as you move from one question to the next it saves what you have done previously and you can return to it.  I would suggest using the Student View just to ensure that you can leave and come back for an essay question and still have the content you've input be there, but I know it works for every other question type.

Hope this helps!


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