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Curve grades in Gradebook; how does it appear to students? 

I have found the curve grades features in my gradebook and I was interested in knowing how it works. I read the documentation in the link above but I have just one question; can students see that their grades have been curved by a certain percentage or # of points? Or, do they just see the final outcome? I allow canvas to show the students what they've missed on assignments so I'm wondering if they'll be able to detect the change in score. I ask because, I want to know if I curve grades by a different amount in one class vs another, there will be complaints and I want to avoid complaints!

Thank you!

I hope this makes sense. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @draglan ...

While I don't really have an answer for you (I'm a Canvas administrator at our school, and I do not teach), I wanted to let you know that you are more than welcome to also post your question to the bottom of the Guide that you linked at the top of your question.  More than likely, you will get a reply from the Canvas Docs Team or someone in the Community.  The Canvas Docs Team does monitor comments on the Guides, and they generally will reply back within a day (if not sooner).  So, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that this was also an option for you in case you wanted to post your message directly at the bottom of that Guide.  I hope this helps, Debra.