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Custom Font Sizes In Assignments

I was wondering if there was a way to input custom fonts when making assignments. A professor is asking if it's possible to have an 11 pt font within the selection marked in the first image (Font 1.PNG). I know you can manually change it within the HTML (font 2.PNG) but he finds this tedious. Thank you for the help.

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I am unclear about what you are asking.

You can highlight any text, then change the font size from the toolbar.

For example:


I didn't go into the HTML editor at all, I just highlighted what you see and then changed the font size on the toolbar to 18px.

When I go into the HTML editor, it added the span tag for me.

<p>This is text contains <span style="font-size: 18pt;">something larger</span> than the rest</p>

My personal thought are that the font size button should disappear and move to relative sizes as that helps with accessibility. If he has something that's 8pt, it's going to be terribly hard to read and potentially run into the minimum font size browser setting.

Within the Font 1 PNG there is the dropdown menu which allows you to select the desire fonts. Within the toolbar there is defaulted range of fonts that include but are not limited to 10 and 12 but there is no option for 11pt. I want to have the ability to enter a custom number in there if possible. I was wondering if going into the HTML was the only way to do so. Thank you for the help.

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Thanks for explaining. For font sizes that are not in the menu, then normally yes, you need to edit the HTML.  But read on ...

That particular font size (11pt) is the default when you create a new document -- for the time being -- until this weekend. There's a note in the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-07-05) that says they're increasing the default font size from 14px to 16px and in the beta instance of Canvas, the default font size in the Rich Content Editor is 12 pt.

Anyway, since 11pt is the current default, then there is another option available. You can highlight the text and click on the "Clear formatting" button on the toolbar to reset a font to 11 pt (or more precisely, the default). That will also reset any formatting like bold or italics.

Here is the Rich Content Editor in the production instance (Until July 15)


Here's what it currently looks like in beta or in production after July 15.


Also note that there is no longer a maximum width, so the menu bar till take one row instead of 2. Unfortunately, that's so long that it shrinks here in the Community, so here is an image that shouldn't shrink so you can compare the font sizes and see that bigger is coming.


You can't have every font size on the pull-down and have the menu usable, so Canvas has picked some more common ones. But it's still bad accessibility to be specifying absolute point sizes in a document, so I wish that option would disappear completely, but I fear too many people rely on it. I also fear that if your instructor is wanting to change font sizes, then (s)he is probably doing that based on how it looks on his or her computer and monitor and not considering how it looks for other people or other devices. So while it's not impossible, Canvas doesn't want to make it easy (they have considered how things look).

If you don't like the ones that are provided, your only real built-in option is to use the HTML editor and manually specify the number. You can make the font bigger (or smaller) ahead of time and that will at least put the <span size="10pt"> in there for you (or whatever size you pick), then it's just a matter of changing the number rather than having to go through and manually enter the whole thing.

You might be able to write JavaScript that would modify the existing list and add more sizes, but that would be for everyone in your institution, not just for this one instructor. A possibility would be to write a user script that the particular instructor loads on his or her machine and provides that to just them. I've looked at it a bunch of times, but never gotten past just looking at modifying the Rich Content Editor, so I don't think this is particular easy or effective (you'd would have to fix it when Canvas changes something).