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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Namibia such as Medipark Pharmaceutical Wholesaler (Pty) Ltd, Oshana Pharmacy CC, Fabupharm Pty LTD etc, would like to have a database that gives data about the available drugs, pharmacies, prescriptions written to patients by doctors and prepared by physician, supplying pharmaceutical companies, contracts between different companies and pharmacies, etc. Below is a narration of some data requirements for a series of pharmacies. Draw a suitable Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Clearly indicate all relationships, cardinality constraints and appropriate attributes.

  • The pharmaceutical company produces one or more drugs, and each drug is produced and merchandised by exactly one pharmaceutical company.
  • Drugs are sold in pharmacies. Each pharmacy has a unique Identify. Every pharmacy sells one or more drugs, but some pharmacies do not sell every drug.
  • Drug sales must be recorded by prescription, which are kept as a record by the pharmacy. A prescription clearly identifies the drug, physician, and patient, as well as the date it is filled.
  • Doctors prescribe drugs for patients. A doctor can prescribe one or more drugs for a patient and a patient can get one or more prescriptions, but a prescription is written by only one doctor.
  • Pharmaceutical companies may have long-term contracts with pharmacies and a pharmacy can contract with zero, one, or more pharmaceutical companies. Each contract is uniquely identified by a contract number.
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