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DOE Requirements: Documenting Regular and Substantive Interaction in Canvas

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone figured out how to use Canvas to track the new DOE requirements for regular and substantive interaction and monitoring using Canvas?  If you have figured out a good plan, can you share it here?  

I was thinking that institutions could monitor and track that instructors has provided scheduled and predictable opportunities for students at the course or content level, provided substantive interaction via speed grader, canvas messaging, discussion boards, chat, etc., and could demonstrate monitoring and attempts by faculty to re-engage students via speed grader or canvas messaging as well as suggest students come to their office hours.  

What are your institutions doing?  

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Coach Emeritus

Greetings! The best way I've seen to quickly/easily monitor this is using Instructor Insight from AspirEdu -

It's a third-party tool that is amazing and plugs right into Canvas. Definitely worth checking out!