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Daily/Weekly Assignment


Can someone please explain how to do this....

My students complete a daily assignment each day.  I would like those daily assignments to be total together for a one week particaption grade.   How do I set that up?  

Just as information,  5 daily assignments (bellringers/do now/den) into one weekly particaption grade....please help me set this up?  

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You can do this if you're willing to grade the whole thing as a single grade per week and wait until the week is over to enter the final grade.  In this scenario, you create a regular assignment with either unlimited attempts or limit the number of attempts to 5.  The students simply return to the same link each day and make the new upload.  In SpeedGrader you can view the individual submissions using the dropdown menu on the right.  You can't officially grade as you go though.  You could perhaps make a comment each day about what the grade is for that day, but you can only enter one grade for the assignment.

Other than that, Canvas does not have a 'iterative' assignment type that allows for these kinds of on-going grades.  If you need to grade as you go each week, you'll have to create separate daily assignments.