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Data tracking question

My building leadership team has a Google Sheet that we created to collect data for our BIST protocol.  Is there a way to incorporate that sheet into each teacher's Canvas course to make it easier to access and also make it a secure document.  I am afraid that if we leave the sheet in Google Drive, that it will "disappear".  I hope that I asked this clearly.  Thanks for your input.

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Community Team
Community Team

brandont, if I'm understanding you correctly, yes, you should be able to do this. You'd need to use the API to populate every course with an unpublished Canvas page containing the embedded Google Sheet.

I'm not an API expert by any means, so I'll provide you the link to the GitHub documentation for the Pages API: Pages - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation  Presumably, you'll want to make sure to set the parameter for "published" to "false" so that only teachers can view the page in their courses, and the editing role parameter to "teachers," just to be on the safe side.

Do you want teachers to be able to edit and otherwise contribute to this sheet, or is it only going to be editable within Google itself by the owners of the Google Doc? You'll find additional guidance about how to embed Google Sheets in Canvas pages in Google Docs for dynamic Canvas content​ as well as a host of other resources in the Instructional Designers​ group.

If you need additional assistance in setting this up, please click on the Share question above to share this question with the Canvas Admins​ and Canvas Developers​ groups, as those are the folks who have the most experience with populating multiple courses through the API.

Thank you for responding!  Yes I want teachers to be able to edit/contribute to the sheet.  I think that would make it more user friendly, rather than having to open it within Google.

Giving them editing privileges is tricky, brandont​, only because all of your teachers will have to have Google accounts and someone will have to (1) give each of them editing privileges on the Google Sheet and (2) keep the list in the document updated so that as you add new teachers you also remember to add them to the sheet. It's doable, but it's a manual process--and since you're already maintaining a Google Sheet in Google Drive for this purpose, you're probably prepared for this.

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We are a Google school, so all of the teachers have Google accounts.  In the past we have had problems with teachers deleting shared docs, so that's why I was looking to put a doc into Canvas with the hopes that they wouldn't be able to delete it by mistake.

brandont, where there's a will, there's a way; even if you were to pursue this solution, teachers would have access to the Google Sheet, and could figure out a way to delete it. :smileyplain: In fact, I think pretty much any solution you were to employ, if it incorporates editing privileges, would allow for the possibility of an accidental deletion.