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Decaying Average Outcome Question

Is the most recent assessment point used in the decaying average outcome calculation type the assignment with the most recent due date, or is it based on when the assignment was actually graded? I'm guessing it's based on the due date, otherwise students could potentially have different weights across the same assignments, but I wanted to throw it out to the community to see if anyone knew off the top of their heads.

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Great question.  The most recent would be based on the due date but if the student did NOT turn it in and it was NOT set as a zero for a missing assignment, then the assignment linked to the outcome prior to that one would be worth the 65%.

Thanks janiesolinski-ruddy

I'll pass that along to our faculty.

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Hi Janie,

Are you sure this is still the case?  Maybe  @kona ‌ can help clarify.  We have teachers using the decaying average but it seems to be calculating the most recently graded piece of evidence, not the evidence based on the due date.  This is not exactly clarified in the guides as it reads that it is scored with a "greater weight for the most recent assessment item."  I think the "most recent" needs to be defined as to whether it calculates based on due date or most recently graded.

We are struggling with this because as learning builds on the course, we want it to be based on due date and not whether or not a student went back to the first thing learned and reassessed it which makes it count more.

Can anyone clarify this?

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Here is a more detailed discussion about how the decaying average is calculated.  In fact, it references this thread as being inaccurate.

Some key takeaways:

  • Canvas does not use the due date (at all) when calculating the decaying average.
  • It uses the submission date and if that's not available, then it uses the date graded.
  •  If late work is allowed, then that becomes the most recent submission,