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Default Grade

Wish there was a way to set the default grade for all items at one time in the gradebook not just by each item. A ideal version would be to click Set Default grade and the options you were presented with were 1) For the entire course or 2) For specific item(s). If option 1 was chosen you simply entered the default score you want and it applies to all items. If option 2 was chosen the Teacher would then be shown a column of all gradebook items and boxes next to them that could be selected, allowing the Teacher to choose which items to apply a default grade to. Once the items are selected they enter the default grade they want to be applied.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @joshua-stuart ‌

This feature is not part of the scope of the New Gradebook.  I did not find an existing ideas exactly like yours.  You will want to submit your ideas separately, as they are distinctly different processes.  You can find more information on this in How do I create a new feature idea?

I did find an interesting related idea in 

Thanks Renee, I have given my Vote Up on the other item! I'm burnt out on creating ideas, I am not sure how many I have submitted but evidently they are only valuable to me lol, as they never get any traction. Thank you for the updates on these though, I'm happy to add fuel to other ideas that are up for voting!