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Default Status View

I like the ability for teachers to be able to edit statuses and colors and all of that but from an admin side I would like the ability to toggle these between their creation and a default view. The reason being to make it easier for troubleshooting purposes, one teacher has late as being red, another green, another blue, etc. This would be valuable for me to be able to toggle a switch which sets these to a default view, I can troubleshoot the issue and when finished, toggle it back so the Teacher sees it as how they had it setup.

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Totally understand where you're coming from. We'll take this into consideration as a feature enhancement at some point in the future.

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Great suggestion  @joshua-stuart ‌. However it's done - I (as an admin) want to be able to see all the colors a teacher has set in Statuses. For example, a teacher says they are having problems with late in red. I want to be able to see if they have set late as red in their "Statuses." I also want to see all the other colors. I wouldn't be surprised of the teacher calling with the problem set two or more statuses to the same color by mistake.

Agree--I love the idea personalization/customization, but if it caused regular confusion for teachers or tech support, I'd like the ability to lock the feature

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Josh,

We apologize for the delay in responding to you. We've released some updated changes to the New Gradebook that may be useful! Please see a related response and comment here: Reset to Default View (remove filters, sort, etc.)