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Delete students vs making students inactive

How does your SIS integration process students who drop classes? We are in the process of moving from Bb to Canvas and are using ILP. We have it set that students who drop before the class begins are removed entirely from the course. Students who drop after the course begins have a different drop code and are changed to "inactive" status in Canvas. Does removing the student entirely from the course remove all grades and submitted assignments? Thanks!

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@matthew_west We do a complete remove if the student has dropped the class.  Removing a students does NOT remove their data though.  Simply adding a student back will bring back their grades and submissions.  

I used to run a course that simply consisted of an exam that students could take to exempt themselves from having to take a course.  The exam was offered one time each month and whoever showed could take the exam.  I would add them to the course as they entered the room.  At the end, I would pull their grades and then remove them from the course.  If a student ever came back to take it again (we did allow you to retake it if you did not pass it) then when I added them back, I would instantly see their last exam and score.

Hope this helps!