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Did MathJax / LaTeX math equation entry stop working already?

A few days ago I was testing the new equation entry method in the rich text editor and was thrilled to see how easy it was. Today I went to go edit a new page and couldn't get an equation to render.  I went back to the test page I did earlier in the week, and it is also no longer rendering the equation.  

What happened??  Bring it back, please!!!

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Yes, unfortunately, it seems that Canvas had to roll back the update.  The user "James" noted in the thread here: LaTeX Support Dropped Completely Hopefully they will bring it back soon!  I've been looking forward to this for quite some time.  

Edited to add: Canvas team provided an update on the Feb 20 release notes here: Canvas-Release-Notes-2021-02-20 According to the thread New-Assignment-Student-View-Breaks-MathJax we may be able to expect an update of the status on Monday (fingers crossed).  

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Thanks for this!  (Not sure why I didn't see this earlier when I was searching for answers, but I appreciate that help!)