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Hello.  We're a small private college wanting to use the version of BBB conferencing that I see on youtube.  the version of BBB that we have is not the same one.  How can we get information or directions on using the version that is on the youtube tutorial where students can raise hands, and the teacher can switch to different view (webcam chat, et).

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Dwayne Ore

@ffdixon I don't know if you could help with this. Sorry if I linked you incorrectly.

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I am the product manager for BigBlueButton. While I work at Blindside Networks, the company that provides hosting for Canvas Conferences to Instructure, and can't speak on behalf of Instructure, I can respond to your question.

> ... and teacher can switch to different view (webcam chat, et).

You actually found an older video of Canvas Conferences from years ago.  It used to be based on Flash (we've been around since 2008), but since 2018 the product has been based on HTML5.

The latest videos are always here



As for moving around the layout, the HTML5 client has capability to show/hide elements, but not re-arrange them.

Regards,... Fred

BigBlueButton deveper

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