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Differentiating between Assignment Comments and Student Annotation?

Is there any way to differentiate between Assignment Comments (those that appear in the right sidebar, under the grade, on an assignment) and the information students add in the new Student Annotation features? 

What I'm trying to get at is the related Notifications in the course. I have the Submission Comment notifications set to email me. In the past that sent me an email when students leave a reply comment on an assignment. I need to know about those replies because I haven't figured out any other way to tell when a student leaves a comment, short of checking every assignment over and over. 

The challenge now is that I am getting a notification every time a student leaves any comment in the new Student Annotation Assignment. I was using the feature to set up a sort of online worksheet, with multiple questions. As a result, I have 36 email messages right now that tell me four students have added an annotation. Fortunately I have a small class for summer. In the fall when I have close to 100 students these notifications will be overwhelming.

Is there any way to fix things so that I can still know when a student leaves a comment in the sidebar without a torrential deluge when I assign a Student Annotation assignment?

Thanks for any advice you can share.

Traci Gardner
Virginia Tech

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Community Participant

Anyone have any ideas on this? Maybe it will be easier to go back to quizzes.  Shame really as the annotation tool had great potential for those of us teaching writing and close reading of texts.

Community Participant

Bumping this one more time just in case. Is there any solution to this issue? It's so strange to receive no response. Maybe few people have tried the annotation since it's summer now?