Disappearing grades.

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All my grades from Final exam have disappeared.  I let one student take exam last and his grade is posted and all other grades have disappeared.  Help!

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Hi  @mark_brackon  Welcome to the Canvas Community. I had the exact same thing happen to at least two faculty members at my own institution, and in both cases there was the same cause, which I'm guessing is what happened to you.  My guess is that you probably assigned that final student a different due/date time from everyone else in the course, and took advantage of Canvas' really cool ability to give a student a different due date/time.  (The link leads to documentation for online quizzes, but even if your quiz was not online and a regular paper-based assignment in Canvas, the solution will be essentially the same.)  When adding in an extra due date time, what you may have neglected to do was click the +Add button immediately underneath the existing due date/time for the rest of the class and instead substitute his name for the default of Everyone.  

So here's the way out of this.  Head to the exam/assignment and click that +Add button.  Appearing in the "Assign to" area should be Everyone ElseSave.  That should do it...AND it will automatically restore all of the grades that were previously posted.

Does that solve the issue, Mark?

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