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Discussion Counts

This question is really for  @James ​ but maybe someone else knows as well. In July 2015, you made a blog post about discussion counts: How to Count Student Discussion Posts  Well, it's been amazing! I work with a number of faculty who love this. Recently, I was helping someone set it up and discovered that I cannot get the counts for group discussions (just those that have been created within the group homepage not those that have been set as "this is a group assignment"). Do you know if there is a way to retrieve counts for those posts?

Thank you for sharing this and making it easy on the non-programmers. Smiley Happy


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 @sinman ​,

The good news is that I knew it wouldn't work with group discussions when I set it up. Students are, possibly -- probably, within different groups throughout the semester. I hadn't worked with group discussions at all when I set it up, and I had a misunderstanding of what group discussions were (I thought you posted as a group to one big discussion, not each person gets their own discussions but that it is limited to just members of your group).

Your definition of good news probably isn't the same as mine, but in this case I mean it to be that you're not just missing something obvious, it really doesn't support it.

But there is other good news. The API call that I use also supports groups, it's just a different call. So there would be added complexity since students can participate in a full-course discussion or in a group discussion.

A more robust solution would be to obtain a list of discussions and then decide whether it's a course or group discussion and do different things based on the answer. If it's a group discussion, you would need to repeat the process for the whole course discussion, but combine them into a single column for the overall assignment.

I don't use this script myself anymore, but what you're asking should be doable.

This is great news! Thank you for sending the other API. I'll see if we can get it to pull groups.

I really appreciate the follow-up!

All my best,


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 @sinman ​,

I took some time over the Thanksgiving Break to add support for group discussions. You'll need to download a new copy of the spreadsheet to get that capability: How to Count Student Discussion Posts

Alternatively, if you feel comfortable editing code and don't want to mess with a new access token, the only thing that has changed is the module, so you could go to Tools > Script Editor in the spreadsheet and paste the latest source code from GitHub over what's there.