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Discussion Requirements & Module Requirements

I've set module completion requirements for a discussion to submit the assignment. The discussion is marked complete after a student posts their initial response, however 2 additional replies are required for full marks. The check mark leads some students to conclude they've met the full requirements after seeing the checkmark appear.

How are others going about using module completion requirements for discussions?

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What about including the discussion replies in a page that they have to mark as done? So, the page would say they have to reply twice, and in order to show as completed they have to mark it as done. You couldn't enforce it, but they would manually have to check it off.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi daviskathryn 

I actually like  @venitk  's response in regards to your needs, but there is a feature idea open for voting that you might be interested in supporting. You can learn more at 


Thanks for the innovative solution,  @venitk .

Thanks,  @kmeeusen ‌. Voted!

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Community Coach

Hi daviskathryn.  I thought I would add my support to the approach suggested by  @venitk  and  @kmeeusen .  For each of my discussions I have one assignment for the initial post and another for the replies.  My reply assignment states, " Everyone, by Sunday 11:59pm EST this week please be sure to respond to at least two(2) posts from others in class. You can respond as much as you like, but two is the minimum. Please note, discussion responses take place in the same thread as the discussion question response. This assignment page is here for grading purposes and no separate submission is needed."

I still have found some confusion, particularly in the first week.  I set the assignment to "no submission" but still have students ask from time-to-time whether they need to copy their responses again to the second assignment.  Normally after the first week everyone understands.

I do this primarily so that I can have separate due dates for the initial and response posts so am looking forward to a time when discussions can multiple due dates.  If this were possible, I would only have one assignment and differentiate grading of the initial post and responses using separate rows of the same rubric.

All the best!

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Eric, we do the same except we have the reply "assignment" in a page with a to-do date. The discussion is marked as graded, and when that discussion is graded, the initial post and the replies are graded at the same time as different lines on the rubric. 

See below. We generally number the items in our modules. If the discussion (with the initial reply as the due date on the discussion) is 2.4, I'll make the page with instructions and to-do date as 2.4a, and I indent it so students can see it's a sub requirement for that discussion. For  @kathryn_davis2 ‌'s question, she can also require students mark it as done. It's still manual (up to the student to mark as done), and she can't enforce that they actually did it, but it's at least a reminder to them that they have to click INTO that page. 


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Ooo I love the ideas of making no submission or due dates on pages with Mark as Done on those pages to get the student to sign off that they have completed the requirement for the discussion.

I usually put in the discussion how many posts they need to have and when they need to post by (first post, Due date. replies, Close date). But since I'm just the ID, the instructor can also go in and change the requirements and set the dates and what not.

Discussion post requirements

This information on the discussion page does not change the issue of the check-mark showing up on the modules page, but I also use "Contribute to page" as the requirement for discussions rather than "Submit" so in my case the check is still accurate.

Cheers - Shar

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I came here wondering the same thing. I have a possible solution, but I'm not sure if my idea is would work. 

I have a discussion where students need to post and reply to at least 2 other posts. 

In the module settings, I have the task set to "Contribute to page" 

In the discussion settings, I've turned on the option for "Users must post before seeing replies" 

That way, in order to Contribute, they must post first to see the discussion threads, and then they can reply to 2 others, and the module task will be marked complete. 

Does anyone see any issues with this? One thing is that the task will be marked as done if they only reply to 1 other, but I think I can make that clear on the discussion description that they must reply to two others. I'm just thinking if no one is suggesting this, this might not be a valid solution for a reason I might be missing. 

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You have the discussion marked as contribute to page? Wouldn't it be marked as complete after they've posted the first time, not replied to 1 other person?

You could set it up as I have it, where the response requirements are spelled out in a page after the discussion. Then you could have the page set to Mark as Done. Students could check that whenever, they wouldn't HAVE to do it. But they would at least have to look at the page. Smiley Happy