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Discussion, where is the edit function on Discussions for instructors?

Where can the edit function in a previously created Discussion be found, for instructors? Previously, it was there now it is not. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @ElizabethSchlos ...

Question for you...did your school's local Canvas admin enable the Discussions Redesign option within your Canvas environment?  I'm wondering if that might be why you aren't able to edit your discussion topics?  Does your discussion interface look similar to this?  If so, I am also not finding an "Edit" button.  I have to turn off the Discussion Redesign feature option in my sandbox to get the "Edit" button back.


There is a group here in the Community which is dedicated to the redesign: Discussions Redesign - Instructure Community.

Hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!