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Discussions Redesign - Where to add and show a rubric?


I turned on the Discussion Redesign, but cannot locate where to attach a rubric - not can students locate a rubric.

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Community Champion

Responding to my own question. Apparently you can't. Yet the documentation says you can.

Note to Instructure: Can you please indicate in your documentation that a feature is not yet available? We turned it on globally yesterday and had to turn it back off today. Embarrasing

Hey there, @rgibson1 ...

That's a bummer.  The best way to let the Documentation Team know that a Guide needs to be fixed is to scroll to the bottom of the document you linked in your question, and you'll see a link to "share your feedback".  Using that link, the Documentation Team will get notified about your concerns, and they will review their documentation to make sure it is accurate.

I hope this will help a bit.

Community Champion

You also can't Edit these new discussions. Surprise!

"Beta" is being generous.

I've not found that to be entirely true here in the Community.  In most cases, I've been able to edit my own replies here in the Community, but I wonder if that is a permissions setting because of my Coach status?

Community Champion

I'm referring to the Discussion Redesign. No editing. No rubrics

Hello @rgibson1 ...

Ah yes...thank you for the clarification.  A couple days ago I responded to a similar question...which you can find at: Discussion, where is the edit function on Discussi... - Instructure Community.  In summary, I am experiencing the same thing that you are with respect to the discussions redesign.