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District Courses

I am a "newish" admin for Canvas. The state has sent out a list of couses for the admin of Canvas to import for each district to complete. My question is this: I know how to import courses, however, is there a way that it will be a "district" course instead of in my Canvas?  Is there a way to make it so that when they search for the course they will be able to just take it or will it be in my Canvas account as the teacher of the course and will I then have to add everyone to that course?

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That depends on how your district is set up. If this is to be a districtwide professional learning course then it would get imported into an empty course wherever you'd like in your instance (I'd designate a sub account for that purpose) and then if your district isn't too huge you'd enroll teachers/employees into it. You can enroll with a CSV file of users. Then you (and whomever else) are teachers can publish it and they can begin whenever you'd like.