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Do You Grant Special Ed Teachers Access to Course Content? How

Our Special Education teachers would like to be able to view assignments and content in their students' Canvas courses so they can help students stay on top of assignments.  It wouldn't work to add them to the courses as students because there would be too many to manage.  I'd like to give them access to be able to see course content, but if I set up an admin Account Role for them and give them access to view content like a teacher would, they would have access to view links to assessments outside of Canvas or view Canvas quizzes/assessments.  Understandably, the regular ed teachers don't want other teachers looking at their assessments.

We do not have parent observer role enabled yet because we are just getting started with Canvas this year and don't want to have parents in Canvas during our "Under Construction" phase until we have more content created and more teachers using Canvas.

Any thoughts on how we might grant access to course content in Canvas for Special Education teachers or do we just add them as students? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @john_reiels .  You pose an interesting question.  I am going to share this with the K-12‌ user group.  Hopefully someone in this group has a suggestion from their own experience with granting Special Education teachers access to other courses or a similar situation.

Best wishes!

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We only put the "primary teacher" into the Canvas course and allow that teacher to add any other resource, special needs, or paraprofessional teacher. You could use the "TA" role for your SPED teachers or create a custom course role for them. For instance, one of the role permissions is "Manage (add / edit / delete) assignments and quizzes" which can be turned off. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @john_reiels ‌ - Thanks for posting this question! Because there is likely more than one "right" approach to this, I'm going to change this Question into a Discussion. I hope that's okay with you! I look forward to seeing how different K12s approach this!

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I am curious what others have come up with for a solution to this.  We are in the same situation now and not sure how to proceed.


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Last semester I did not add anyone to my canvas (other than students). This semester, I have added two teachers (one resource and one reg-ed) as observers.