Do you use digital badges in your institution?

Community Novice

Dear all, 

Here in Swansea University we are investigating the use of Digital Badges.  We are looking to use them for CPD based activities, and to recognise “status” in some areas, such as, if you are a mentor or an assessor for our internal HEA Fellowship programme. 

In an ideal world, we would like a solution that allows us to customise badges, and to automate at least some of them (for example, if you have done one of our online courses, you are entitled to a badge which would be generated upon completion), but appreciate that some of our planned uses will require manual processes.  Another big plus would be if the badges were transferable should a member of staff move on from the university. 

We have been considering using Badgr or Credly as they both integrate well with Canvas.

Would you be able to help us with the following? 

  1. What badge platform do you use at your institution, if any? 
  1. What made you choose that platform? 
  1. If you don’t use digital badges, do you use any other mechanism for accrediting/evidencing CPD?  If so, what? 
  1. Are you able to automate the issuing of digital badges in any way? 
  1. What sort of activities do you use badges for? 
  1. Are they valued at your institution?  If so, how? 

Many thanks in advance