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I am using Quercus for my university coursework and up until today I have had no issues uploading files and submitting them. Today, however, I went to upload a file to submit it to an assignment and received this message: "Submit failed, please try again." I have tried multiple times throughout the day and still get the same error.

Later, I tried to upload a file to a quiz and, despite selecting the file, it would not upload and I had to leave the question marked "unanswered" and email my TA. In both cases the file was in .pdf format, which is the file type I always use when submitting anything online. 

Has anyone had a similar issue or does anyone have suggestions for fixing whatever is causing the problem?



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Hey, Im the original poster. My documents have been uploading again after I did the following:

1. Close out all tabs and windows in your internet browser(s).

2. Quit all internet browsers so that none are running.

3. Clear cache for all internet browsers that you have previously used to open Canvas.

You can also try disconnecting from wifi, 'forget wifi, and then log onto the wifi again as an additional step. I'm not entirely sure if this is what fixed my problem or if it resolved on its own somehow, but. give it a try. Hope this helps!

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