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Does Canvas "publish" textbooks?

I am working on writing a textbook.  I'd like to create an OER.  As I've done research on OERs I've realized that many publishers are connected to specific universities (MIT and Rice), groups of colleges, or Wikis which anyone can change.  Does Canvas publish textbook OERs?  How does this work?  Do I just create my textbook using my college's Canvas LMS, paste my texts into the pages feature, and share it to the commons?   Obviously, I like the idea of my textbook being "published" but I'm fine with other instructors adapting and changing content (if my original is also available).   What's the difference between "content" and a "textbook"?  I have 300+ pages of text written and hours of videos that I made.  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @mdanza  

I saw your question yesterday, but had to log off for other commitments, so did not get to it. I am sorry you have been waiting. Neither Canvas nor it's parent company Instructure,  publish textbooks.

This is okay, it really is! Open Educational Resources have been primarily thought of as digital content (but this is not true, but that also does not matter), and digital content can be used almost anywhere that accepts digital content. I suspect it is the publishing that you need. You really can do this on your own!  Here is a list of self-publishing resources I found at the University of Pittsburgh website that might prove helpful to you: OER - Open Educational Resources: Create. These resources do not lock you into the university's system and are intended for all potential authors.

I hope this is helpful,