Does Club Classes On Canvas Affect My GPA/Transcript

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I have participated in the Science Olympiad Club and joined the canvas class for it. I now have a total grade of 70% in that class. Does this grade affect my education in any way like bring my overall GPA down or stick on my transcript or etc?

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Instructure Alumni

Hi,  @jqtran105  (and here's a slightly belated)  Welcome to the Canvas Community! It's absolutely not a ridiculous question—but it's not one our members will be able to answer. You've posted your question to a global forum where Canvas users gather to exchange their ideas and best practices about using Canvas software. The members participating here don't have access to specific school policies. Please ask someone at your school about the grading policy as it pertains to club participation. I hope this link to the school's website will provide a starting point for your inquiries: Huntington Beach Union High School District 

And best of luck in your academic endeavors!

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