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Does anyone disable the option for the users to upload photos IDs via CSS ?

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We have a request to load the University approved ID photos into Canvas.   We would also like to disable the users from uploading their own ID photos.

We uploaded a photo via the API.   The picture displayed on the login screen, course and gradebook.
I went into the Account settings and unchecked the box "User Avatars"
The photo is no longer displaying in the Course page and gradebook etc.
I reached out to support and they responded with
Unfortunately disabling the option will prevent the images from displaying. If you would prefer to disable the ability to upload images for these users, then your team will likely want to disable/hide the option via CSS from the UI, as there is no way to disable it while keeping the option to upload images via API as of now.
Does anyone disable the option for the users to upload photos IDs via CSS ?
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Community Coach
Community Coach

I don't have a direct answer, but instead of Global CSS you might need to use Global Javascript.  We use global JS to hide the course reset and course delete buttons from faculty and it works ok.  I assume that that something similar could be done to hide the Upload Photo option, but unfortunately I am not a good one to help.

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