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Does anyone have a good tool for embedding rss feeds in a course?

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Hi all,

Does anyone have a good, free or inexpensive way to embed an rss feed into a Canvas course?  I used RSSInclude for a while but I couldn't really afford it once the trial ran out.


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I am now following Grammar Girl - great site!

Wow, great demo video,  @dcaparula ​! :smileyplus:

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Susan - did you end up getting this to work?  I just tried to add using an old Mac.  I was able to install and have my new feed title show up in the left hand nav but when I click on it I end up with an "Invalid Tool Launch - Invalid Parameters".  I will try again on Yosemite OS but any insight would be great!

Thanks all!  It's exactly what we are looking for - IF I can get it to work!!

:0) Amy

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I finally figured it out yesterday - the course has to be published! If the course is not published, you get the error message (or at least I do). I tested in a published course and voila! Success! Worked like a charm right out of the box app center.

I didn't see any way to contact someone about adding that little nugget of critical information to the FeedtheMe LTI Webpage, so hopefully folks who want to use it and have the same issue I did will see this thread!

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Ah, this didn't even occur to me - I've only added it to published shells. Good find, thanks for sharing! Glad it's working for you!

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Thank you Susan!  I was trying to put it into a published course but it's my original sandbox course from years ago and several things don't work in it. So I tried it in a new practice course and it worked!  Thanks so much!

Happy Days!  One request off my plate!

🙂 Amy

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I am now getting this message...but the course is published

I reinstalled the app a week or two ago because the bug was fixed that wasn't allowing the apps that were installed to actually show up as installed.  So, I am assuming that is why something is "off" now.  BUT, in a course I am actually teaching that was set up with feeds before the app bug fix, the feeds are working fine (even after uninstalling and reinstalling, the same feeds were still there).

So, now I am at a total loss as to what is going on.  ANYONE have any other ideas?  I have faculty that are going to want to use this feature!

Does anybody know if it's possible to use this app within a content page or is it only for adding a navigation button on the left menu?

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Another way to do this is with an RSS tool called Inoreader; I've written up details and step by step instructions here:

CanvasLIVE Playground: Notes. Blog RSS in Canvas. 

This is a screenshot of how one type of feed view (magazine style; full post feed is also available) looks in a Canvas page:

Screenshot of blog RSS feed inserted into Canvas

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So I know it's been over 2 years, but I have a faculty member who would like to try this. How do I add the Feed the Me App to Canvas? Is it an external URL, or an external tool? Something else? It doesn't seem to work for me.