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Does anyone know if Canvas has or will have a device management system?


Our school is slowly going 1:1 for K-5th graders. Next year, I will have my own cart of Chromebooks.  At my old school district, I had Hapara which allowed me to see all student screens from my desktop.  Many other features of Hapara were similar to Canvas, but I miss my ability to view my student's screens.  I have looked into software that will allow me to do this, but they are all so expensive. I was hoping Canvas had something built in or was planning on building it into their system soon.  


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @khill41  and Welcome to the Canvas Community! You might be interested in this old, but probably still relevant, conversation in the K-12 group: Teacher Management Software 

If you'd like to join that conversation, or even if you'd just like to participate in K-12-specific conversations generally, we hope you'll join the K-12 group by clicking on the link to the group and selecting Join Group from the Actions dropdown at the upper right of the page.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Kelly - Canvas does not have anything built-in, but the conversation Stefanie shared would be a great place to connect with others seeking options.