Does anyone who uses Plato to help students make up credit deficiencies have the Plato system embedded in Canvas?

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Presently my district is reevaluating its contract with edmentum, the maker of plato as a deliverer of content for students who are credit deficient. We are are a career technical (cte) high school so we need a platform that will deliver credits to students for many different districts. 

I was wondering... Does anyone out there have Plato integrated into Canvas. I see Canvas does offer it as an lti, but I haven't found any chatter about it in the Canvas Community. Here are my questions:

If your district does use Plato within Canvas...

  • Are you pleased with the integration?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks with the integration?

If your district does not use Plato within Canvas, but does use Plato...

  • What made you make this determination?

If your district does not use Plato to make up credit deficiencies, but have found a system you are happy with that plays nicely with Canvas...

  • What system do you use?

Thanks in advance for all of your feedback. I really appreciate it!