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I use the rubric feature to mark my assignments in speed grader, is there any way the the comments against each criterion along with the rubric can be downloaded in the feedback comments? 

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Hi  @kevinn 

I don't believe this is possible from within Canvas itself, but if you have a bit of programming skill you could write some code using the Canvas API that pulls out all the submissions for a specific assignment then for each submission in the data that's returned you could see information including rubric comments, and display this in a table, spreadsheet etc.

Take a look at this recent post where another community member was asking about exporting assignment submissions and feedback. The aim here wasn't exactly the same as what you want - he was after text comments added in the SpeedGrader rather than rubric comments - but the method I described in my answer is similar to what would be used to get the rubric comments. The link I gave to the API documentation will also be relevant if you decide to try this for yourself.Export assignment comments for course

It might look a little complicated so if programming isn't your speciality you could ask your local Canvas administrator or another technical support colleague for assistance.

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I cannot believe that this STILL isn't a feature on Canvas! It's unbelievably awkward.  I make extensive use of rubrics for grading everything from simple homeworks to long essays. It's really frustrating not to be able to download the comments, and I imagine it's very frustrating for the students too. Right now I'm documenting a plagiarism case, and the inability to download and save my comments on a student's paper is just... ridiculous. I have to take screenshots of the content within the webpage. What the heck, guys?!

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@amberckerr   You wrote this comment such a long time ago that you've probably figured out how to manage the problem, but I'm sending this along just in case.


CANVAS download as annotated PDF button.jpgIf you want the comments you wrote on your student's text, you can click on the Download as annotated PDF button, which is in the upper left hand corner.  You can open the PDF in WORD.  HOWEVER, (you knew that was coming) because it's CANVAS 🙄, when you open it in word it'll look like the comments aren't there.  (I'm exhausted just writing about this...)  They really ARE there though.  You have to RANDOMLY click around where you think you put them, they'll pop up!  The trick is to click in the right spot.  There's usually some kind of mark that'll give you a clue. 

If you think about how much your school/school district/university paid for this "LMS," and how much it sucks in some fairly critical ways, it'll make you crazy, so DON'T GO THERE.  If you haven't already figured something out,  hope this tip, helps.

(YES, CANVAS employees, I DID watch the Doc Viewer video.  It did not mention AT ALL the invisibility of the comments.  Perhaps those having Adobe see the comments easily.  That would be lovely to behold and lovely to mention on the video as well.)


This may not be something your looking for, but because Speedgrader routinely eats the comments I have spent hour writing on my students' 10-page papers, I was desperate for a way to print these/save them to a file/SOMETHING.  Screenshots work, but you can't do anything with the text.  However, I have discovered a way to get the actually text WITH the criteria AND the points.  It's s simple but stupid process and yields you a stupid but usable product.

  1. Open a new WORD doc.
  2. Back in Speedgrader, expand the rubric part of the screen (ie make it really wide).
  3. CTRL A  (Select all.)
  4. CTRL C  (Copy.)
  5. Go back to the blank WORD doc and DON'T DO WHAT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO


Instead, click on Paste > Paste Options Keep Text Only (T) (The button with the clipboard + A).

What you will get is straight text 🤦🏼‍♀️(yep, stupid), BUT if you look carefully, you’ll see

  • the criteria,
  • your comments, AND
  • the points you gave for each item! 

It’s a symptom of CANVAS Learned Helplessness that I am so excited about this, but there it is.  You CAN (primitively) sort of CANVAS SAVING SPEEDGRADER RUBRIC COMMENTS.jpg

save your work before Speedgrader decides you’re too close to finishing and trashes it.


NOTE:  You get the same what-we-used-to-call-ASCII version of your work if you click

Paste > Paste Special > Unformatted Text


Paste > Paste Special > Unformatted Unicode Text

Don’t click HTML Formatted Text.  You get only criteria and points – no comments.

I hope this helps a brother or sister educator out there.  If you have a better way (there MUST BE a better way), please share.  This problem of not being able to save, print, protect our work is kind of soul-crushing, and CANVAS/INSTRUCTURE seems unwilling/unable to master (or even understand) it.

Cheers!  🙋🏼‍♀️






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