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Downloading Student Audio Submissions

A teacher is wanting the capability of taking student audio submissions and downloading them as an audio file (i.e. mp3). Is this possible with the current platform?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @adam_wiseman ​...

If a student records audio using the computer's microphone and the audio recording tools available in Canvas, I'm not sure this is possible.  I tested this out in my own Canvas sandbox course, and I couldn't find an option to download the audio that was recorded as part of the assignment.  Maybe someone else knows if this is possible?

However, if a student were to use a program like Audacity ( Audacity download | ) to first record his/her voice and then export the recording as a MP3 file, then the student could attach that MP3 file to the assignment, and the student would be able to download the MP3 file.

Hope this helps!!!

Community Coach
Community Coach

From the old community I found the following question/answer for downloading audio submissions -

Not sure if the answer is still correct, as to the use of Kaltura, but I'm pretty sure it is.

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The only way I was able to do this was by recording through another program and uploading the finished recording to Canvas. 

i am also interested to know if there is a more convenient way to do this.

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Like the others on this thread, I suggest using an outside audio recording software program, recording your comments as a sound file , and then uploading the file under the My Media tab of the student's own homepage.  This way all sound files that your student creates will be able to be shared through the canvas ecosystem. Perhaps this is a feature that will be available in Canvas Mobile in the future. 

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Was this ever resolved?  I tried to click on the link from Kona and it does not take me any where.

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I hate reviving old threads but I figured out the answer and can't find it anywhere else.

In the audio player built into Canvas there is a button for CC, mousing over that gives you an option to add subtitles to audio.  if you click that button, there is a video url that will show up in the dialog box.  Going to that url allows you to then right click on the video and save as an audio file.

Assumably this also works for video files but I can't try it, hope this helps someone.

Thanks tons for this tip. I'm only commenting to say: sheesh, it's ridiculous that this is what we have to try to get the file.

The CC box isn't showing up for audio files now.  Not sure if it was removed or what, but anyone have any new ideas?

Hi  @heather_calame ‌

I just tested this in one of my sandboxes, and I do see the CC box. See tiny, hard to decipher screenshot below..............


If you still do not see this link, I would suggest submitting a support ticket.

The remainder of Michael's suggestion works just as expected, and you are able to download the audio file.

I hope this helps.