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I need to download copies of quiz that individual students took on my courses as I need exemplars for our external examiners (student with a high score/ mid score/ and low score) and there doesn't seem to be this facility.  Is there anyway around this?  Why isn't it possible to convert e.g. Joe Bloggs attempt at CA1?  It seems a bit ridiculous that it can't be done.

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Is this classic quizzes or New Quizzes?

There are add-on options available to create the pdf of completed quizzes.

For classic quizzes, I use the javascript talked about here:

This script requires 1 slight mod to allow you to go to moderate, select the students quiz and then have the print button show up.  That modification is on the @include line at the top. you can keep the line currently there and then add in the following:
// @include https://**/quizzes/*/history?quiz_submission_id=*
I believe you can also go to the  that same view , type ctrl-a(edit - don't do ctrl-a rather you have to left click and hold and start highlighting what you want on the page, then scroll to the bottom hold the shift key and left click to finish highlighting all of the quiz.  Then you can type ctrl-p), ctrl-c and copy it to a document and then print that - or maybe do ctrl-a and ctrl-p to print what was selected.

There is a chrome extension:

which will print the entire html page contents to a pdf file.  (edit: This extension does not do a great job, but it is passable - I would recommend increasing the font size on the page before using it if the quiz is very long.  The free version has limitations that may not be there in the paid version)
I believe there is something else that I have seen done, but I cannot remember what it is.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Bowmanr,

No but I kept working on it and I've got two solutions now.  First select all text using Ctrl A.  Open browser setting, select PRINT, set to 'SAVE as PDF', next click on 'MORE SETTINGS' and under options tick 'SELECTION ONLY' and then 'SAVE'.  This works well if you want to save or print (select printer rather than save as pdf) a student response although what your saving isn't pretty.  However, it gives the reader everything they need, if for example, you were like  me and saving information for  an external examiner all a student's answers are captured along with his/ her score per question.

The other alternative and I used this to create and save a copy of my exam paper for editing involves the following.  First add a 'copy' extension to your browser (I was using chrome in this case so ) and enable it.  Before attempting to copy the exam paper I turned off settings in the quiz such as shuffle questions, shuffle answers and one question at a time however you don't necessarily have to this as with this method you can copy the list of questions without going into preview mode.  It depends on how much formatting you want to have to do afterwards (less formatting when you use the preview mode however it doesn't give you the answers) however can add in the answers  later to the copied sheet.

As before Ctrl A to select text.  Open browser settings, select 'COPY', open a blank word document and 'PASTE' (I kept source formatting).  Give it about 2 - 3 minutes to work and copy across the data.  Once it has, you can if you like, edit out the additional lines, add in question numbers, align boxes and possible answers etc., and present it however you like.  After some serious editing I converted mine to a pdf after saving the word document first. 

I should add that this was in the 'NEW Quiz'.

Thanks for responding earlier and for pointing me in the right direction as I wouldn't have thought to add an extension in chrome without your prompt.

Kind Regards,  Catherine 

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