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Downloading raw grade data when using Outcomes for assessment

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 I am using the 'Outcomes' feature in my course.  Several outcomes have been created, with rubrics linked to them and those rubrics have been used to grade assignments.  I'm pretty sure all of that is set up properly.

When configuring an outcome, Canvas has a variety of options for how the grades for that outcome should be summarized over all the activities where that outcome has been used for grading.  For example, take the highest, most recent, decaying average, etc...

I don't want any of those.  I just want to download the RAW DATA for each outcome.  Canvas MUST have this info SOMEWHERE, since it can change the combination scheme upon demand.  However, clicking 'Export' on the right sidebar when viewing 'Gradebook->Learning Mastery' only downloads the summary values for each outcome, using whichever combination scheme is currently in place.  How do I get access to the raw data as a csv instead?

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