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Dragging question banks from course to account level

I have an intern who will be adding question banks. If the intern adds questions at the course level, can I easily import them to the account level afterwards?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Deactivated user​...

I don't think there is a way to move question banks from a course back to the Question Banks at the account level.  I tried looking for a way to do this in our own Canvas instance, and I didn't see any buttons to allow me to do what you were asking.  Sounds like something that might be worthy of a Feature Idea, though.  If you want, you can submit your idea here: Canvas Feature Ideas.  Hope this helps!!!

Deactivated user​

 @chofer ​ is correct.  The questions cannot be moved from a course to the account level, however they can be moved from a course to Canvas Commons​.  If your school does not have Canvas Commons please have your Canvas Admin ask your CSM.  Commons will allow you to store content to pull into other courses and more!